Buying From HomeRun Recycling


We process scrap metal into premium resources with uncompromising quality. We produce over 60 grades of ferrous and non-ferrous products which conform to ISRI specifications for sale to domestic and export markets.

Our Product: HomeRun Recycling recycles all ferrous and nonferrous metals. After the purchased material arrives at HomeRun, it is sorted, processed, and shipped to mills and smelters all around the world. HomeRun is a direct seller of ferrous scrap to the ultimate consumers – steel mills and foundries. We take great pride in shipping a high quality product to meet the material specifications of each of our consumers. We sell including but not limited to:
Foundry Products- #1 Cast, Auto Cast, Gates and Risers, 1008-1010 Busheling, Slitter, Carbon Punching, Cold Briquettes, Foundry Steel, Plates.

Steel Mill Grades- #1 Heavy Melt, #2 Heavy Melt, Dealer Bundles, Dealer Bundles, Busheling, Tin Plate Bundles, Shredded Steel, Machine Shop Turnings, Shoveling Turnings, Cast Iron Borings, Low Alloy starter ingot, Stove Plate

Our Services: HomeRun Recycling maintaining 2 locations in the Middle and South of Georgia and shipping thousands of tons of recyclable material every year. Each year, our corporate headquarters in Atlanta deals million pounds of ferrous and nonferrous metals, including steel, Iron, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, titanium and tin.
Transportation: HomeRun has wide scale of transportation network of material delivery, processing and handling and can accommodate that fits customer’s or vendor’s needs.