HomeRun Recycling Products


HomeRun Recycling makes it easy for you to “go green” with fast and friendly service in 2 locations in Georgia. Common household items to outdated machinery, we guarantee payment on time, every time.
If you have unwanted metal items, turn them into cash. Bring to us we’ll recycle all of them. Do you need to get rid of an old car or truck? Sell us your junk vehicle today!
Check out the long list of material we accept:

o Household appliances
o Refrigerators
o Washers, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners
o Automobiles
o Cast Iron patio furniture, Outdoor railing
o Farm Machinery
o Sheet metal
o Stainless steel
o All kind of steel structure

Non-ferrous metals and alloys are generally more expensive to produce than ferrous metals. They are typically lighter, and less susceptible to corrosion than ferrous metals. Examples of non-ferrous metals include copper, nickel, tin, aluminum, zinc and titanium. Non-ferrous metals are commonly used in the production of household and automotive products.
o Aluminum
o Aluminum cans/Pots/Pans
o Aluminum Patio furniture
o Aluminum wheel
o Aluminum wire
o Auto Batteries
o Brass
o Cable, wire, Christmas light
o Copper and Brass Plumbing pipes, valves, connections
o Copper tubing
o Copper wire, Insulated wire
o Electric motors, sealed unit
o Radiators
We cater to the industrial and manufacturing sectors with our highly skilled dispatch teams who manage massive container scrap collection and pickup services. We provide customers with fast, reliable, personalized, comprehensive transportation services tailored to your schedule, moving materials from your scrap yard or manufacturing facility to one of our recycling facility.
Our International team strictly follows principles of integrity, reliability, quality and innovation.
Our Atlanta corporate office and 2 recycling facilities supplying recyclable material to mills in worldwide, we bring scrap processors and mills together. We’re the most reliable exporter of ocean containers; our in-house staff can provide reliable service throughout every type of transaction. Materials we export:
o Non- Ferrous-Electric Motors, Sealed unit, Batteries, Aluminum Breakage, Cast Aluminum, Insulated Copper, Yellow Brass.
o Ferrous- Plates and Structure (PnS), Heavy Melt Steel (HMS), Shredded, Cast Iron, HBI and DRI.
• We provide superior service to businesses of all sizes and we have expertise in working with suppliers in manufacturing, retail, transportation, utilities, automobile towing and dismantling, construction and demolition.

Why Choose Us

      • We have wide concreted and clean yards in both location
      • We have safe loading, unloading and handling equipment
      • We have certified scale that is timely calibrated
      • We offer the best price and quote to our customers and vendors
      • We have X-ray analyzer gun and certification option to make sure the grade of your metal
      • We have strong logistics and transportation Network
      • We are very close to major interstate I-75 and I-16
      • We are only 9 miles from Cordele Inland port and easy to connect with port Savannah one of the major Ocean port in USA.
      • We strongly follow EPA and OSHA environmental and safety principles and practice.

What Client’s Say

Easy site access, great customer serice
Best Prices around on scrap!